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This book club concerns the novel So Brave, Young and Handsome by Leif Enger. As a group, we meet a couple of times a week to discuss this popular modern novel. Some of our themes include:

  • The portrayal of historic events
  • The symbolism in major characters
  • The deterioration of the Wild West and a "glorious" era
  • An urge to revitalize the past

So Brave, Young and Handsome Book Club Expectations

Out of Class

Work Ethic: We decided we’ll follow The Great Gatsby reading ticket format: that way everyone can do what they want. You will then incorporate it into the discussion: if it’s just annotation, you’ll talk about it. If it’s artistic, you’ll show everyone.
Accountability: If you forget your book, you gotta bring a family-sized bag of Doritos, because we’re all a great big family and the bag represents reconciliation. Only Doritos, cheese flavor. No spicy.

In Class

Work Ethic: For the first four, we’ll work in rotating format. It goes Preston, Dennis, Jason, and Jose. Then, we’ll all collaborate on the last two, with Google Docs. That’s collaboration, Jimmy Wales style. Our discussions will revolve Fishbowl style, possibly incorporating the computers, but that’s up to the individual team members when their time comes. For the last couple of minutes, we’ll do reading ticket discussion.
Accountability: If we lose focus, we should probably have something to bring us back. Air horn? Too loud. Annoying computer beeps? Pure win. If the bell rings and we haven’t completed the goals we set out to achieve, we’ll probably contact each other over Google Docs.
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Thursday 4/30/09 Pg. 80
Friday 5/1/09 Pg. 102
Monday 5/4/09 Pg. 160
Wednesday 5/6/09 Pg. 201
Friday 5/8/09 Pg. 242
Monday 5/11/09 Pg. 285